Wedding Planning Guide

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Planning the perfect wedding can be stressful, expensive, & filled with drama. Catering Creations wants to help alleviate some of these issues with our tips on planning your wedding from our years of experience. This guide is based on a sixteen month timeline, but we'll break it down so you can start from your actual timeline. We are not a full-service wedding planner, but we do have connections with many vendors that can be helpful to our clients. We hope you find this helpful & feel free to message us with any questions!!

Sixteen to Nine Months Before Your Wedding

  • Organize your wedding ideas, plans, & details into a folder or binder.

Pinterest is great, but it helps to have all your plans in a physical version. This lets you spread them out over a table to make sure that everything is lining up how you would like. Start cutting out those pictures you love from magazines including bridal, fashion, design, etc. These will help bring you inspiration & a direction for your wedding.

  • Work out your budget.

This is by far the most important decision to make as a couple regarding the event. Agreeing on this number allows you to keep your plans in check while creating the perfect event. We suggest breaking it down into categories so you can better track spending & savings while you book your vendors & a venue.

  • Pick your wedding party.

As soon as you're engaged, your friends & family will be curious to see who made the cut. For unique bridal party gifts, check out You can customize each package or buy the Champagne collection for that celebration touch.

  • Start your guest list.

Be sure to keep in mind your budget when you are selecting your guests. You want to invite just enough people where all your loved ones are there, but you can still afford to put on a special event.

  • Book your date with your venue.

Booking your venue early will ensure you get the date that you want & you might even save some money with an early booking discount.

  • Book your officiant.

This is helpful to do early if you want a family member or friend to officiate your wedding, they might need time to get the proper licensing processed.

  • Research caterers, photographers, bands, florists, and DJs.

Vendors typically book up quickly. It is better to narrow down your list of preferred vendors for your wedding. Catering Creations loves to do tastings for our couples so that you can taste our food & decide on the menu style you are wanting. All of our menus are built from scratch around your budget & estimates are always free. Booking the same photographer for your engagement photos & your wedding might help save you some money. We recommend Hannah Melson Photography for amazing candid shots with excellent balance!! Find her on Facebook @HannahMelsonPhotography.

  • Throw an engagement party.

Nosh Restaurant has a private party room that is intimate & elegant. Perfect for your engagement party. Choose catering options for your engagement party to make the event effortless. The party room at Nosh comes with event management team, catering & a chandelier lit room all for an affordable cost. Give them at call at 405-814-9699 or visit

Eight Months Before

  • Book your photographer and/or videographer.

  • Book the entertainment.


This is a fun time for you & your girls. We suggest pick a spot with extra perks (champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, etc.). If they don't offer anything, see if you can bring in some snacks & celebration juice. It might take a couple hours & you don't want your opinion people hungry or distracted.

  • Check hotels near your venue.

If you have out of town guests, it would be helpful to tell them all one hotel to book with. This will make sure they are in a good part of town & close to your venue. If you book for them you might be able to save some money with a group rate.

  • Register at retailers.

Seven to Six Months Before

  • Start planning honeymoon.

Make sure you have the proper documents up to date (Driver's license, Passport, etc.). Schedule doctor's appointments for any shots you may need depending on the area of travel.

  • Shop for bridesmaids' dresses.

Keep in mind that if you are not buying the dresses for your bridal party, you might not be the only one on a budget. An acceptable amount to ask your bridesmaids to spend on their own dresses is considered $80-$150. Allow at least six months for the dresses to be ordered and sized.

  • Meet with the Officiant.

This is helpful to not only map out your ceremony, but also to make sure you have all the documents for the wedding that are required by your county.

  • Reserve structural and electrical necessities.

If you have hired Catering Creations as your caterer, they can help arrange all of the logistics required for your event. This will help you save time & also money. We have worked out business relationships with multiple vendors to ensure an easy planning process for our brides.

  • Book your florist.

Broadway Florist has years of experience custom designing & arranging bouquets and floral pieces. They are located in Moore, OK, but deliver and serve all over the Oklahoma City metro area.

  • Arrange transportation.

Transportation might be necessary for you & your guests, depending on your venue location.

  • Build "Day-Of Timeline".

Five to Four Months Before

  • Book the rehearsal & rehearsal dinner venues.

Many times, you can get discounted rates by using the same venue for your wedding as your rehearsal dinner. Catering Creations can help you with not only your food for your rehearsal dinner, but also a venue if your "Day-Of" venue is too expensive. We can rent out the entire restaurant & serve your guests for an inexpensive solution.

  • Send your guest list to your bridal shower host.

  • Purchase wedding shoes & start dress fittings.

You don't want to do this step too early. You might change your mind on the dress. The dress might "magically shrink" from all the celebrating you've been doing about your upcoming wedding. Either way, it is better to begin the dress fittings closer to the date.

  • Schedule hair & make-up artists.

The professionals will know what make-up will look best in your photographs & be sure to work with your hair even if it acts up that day. The less stress on your big day, the more successful your wedding will be.

  • Choose your music.

We suggest having three playlists: "Must Play" with 20 songs, "Suggested Nexts" with 20 songs, & "If We Have Time" with 20 songs.

Three Months Before

  • Finalize menu & flowers.

  • Order favors, if desired.

We think that the cutest gifts are custom soaps for your wedding with your initials or your favorite colors. You can order custom designs from for your big day.

  • Who's giving your toasts?

It is easiest to make a list in the order you would like people to give their toasts & let them know how long they will have the stage.

  • Purchase undergarments & schedule second fitting.

  • Finalize your timeline.

  • Print programs, menu cards, or name cards, if desired.

  • Purchase the rings.

This will ensure there is plenty of time for engraving & resizing if necessary.

  • Send your event schedule to your vendors.

Or if you have opted for us to handle the logistics, sit back and relax.

Two Months Before

  • Meet with photographer.

Discuss specific shots and walk through location if possible to note spots that are appealing.

  • Mail off invitations or create wedding website.

Be sure that all your invitations include the date of the wedding, travel information, and accommodations. This allows plenty of time for travel plans to be made for your guests.

  • Submit a newspaper wedding announcement, if desired.

  • Enjoy a bachelorette party, but nothing too crazy.

One Month Before

  • Document RSVPs & call non-respondents.

  • Get your marriage license.

  • Mail the rehearsal dinner invitations.

  • Schedule your last dress fitting.

  • Finalize numbers with Catering Creations for food & bar services booked.

  • Send out required final payments.

  • Confirm times with vendors.

  • Assign seating, if desired.

  • Purchase bridesmaids' gifts.

See for fun, unique, natural & organic ideas!!

  • Break in those shoes.

  • Pack for the honeymoon.

We hope this guide helps you in your wedding planning process. Please feel free to message us any questions or for more tips & tricks!!